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Blockchain infrastructure to onboard & engage anyone into a DAO or social token community.
Allow users to login through email or Metamask.
Robust enough for DAOs, easy enough for
anyone to use.
Launch a social token to reward positive community action.
Get rewards by incentivizing impact behavior within your community
Allow users to login through email or Metamask
Robust enough for DAOs, easy enough for anyone to use
Incentivize community action through earning, redeeming & referrals
Carbon negative with no transaction fees
Launch your own
Apply to the
Impact Collective
• Provide your community with tasks to earn tokens

• Activate a token incentivized referral program for community members

• Launch a storefront and list products or NFTs redeemable for your token

• Generate scannable QR codes anyone can scan to earn tokens

• Members can stay anonymous or provide their email and socials
Impact Collective
• Launch an impact-driven social token on Socialstack

• Get support in building your tokenized community from Socialstack

• Join a supportive, collaborative community of impact-driven leaders

• Access weekly office hours provided by Socialstack

• Access the Socialstack Impact community building playbook

How We
Empower Communities

First to Use Social Tokens at Christie's
Artist Taking the Art World by Storm

The Socialstack Impact Collective

Communities in our Impact Collective receive support and collaboration opportunities from Socialstack, as well as other communities in the Collective. When you join our collective, we help you create a community your people will love, run viral campaigns designed to scale up the ripple effects of your mission, and organically grow membership in your community.

Our doors are open to any community with a worthy cause aligned with one of our impact pillars. Impact Collective members span a wide range of impact goals from environmental causes to global inequality.
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CommunityOS is the easiest way to manage a tokenized community. Use your token to gamify community action through a simple dashboard. Users can easily login with email or Web3 wallet, so you can be sure non-crypto native and crypto native members can easily engage.
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The Socialstack Roadmap
May 21
May 21
May 21
May 21
May 21
May 21
May 21
A new way to imagine social tokens
Socialstack is a vision for impact-driven social tokens that incentivize positive behavior within communities to inspire grassroots solutions to global problems.
Social tokens launched on Socialstack must align with one of our impact pillars and values in order to be a part of the Impact Collective.
Impact Pillars
Advance a positive
impact on the planet.
Support regenerative
Incentives trash, litter,
& waste cleanup
Uplift communities in
emerging economies.
Onboard African &indigenous creators
Focus on low or
income countries
Advance meaningful
charitable causes.
Help advance the
front line of charities
and nonprofits
Allocate minimum of 12.5% of Treasury
inflow to charity
Improve mental &
emotional health
Incentivize connections in the real world
Promote seeking therapy & mental health breaks
Our Values
The Socialstack Impact Collective is global & growing
Our Team
Andrew Berkowitz
Kristina Tauchmannova
Olumide Akinwande
Solidity Lead
Creative Advisor
Justin Markell
Head of Partnerships
Haneefah Adam
Head of Content
Olimide Akinwande
Solidity Developer
Justin Markell
Head of Partnership
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I use Socialstack for?

With Socialstack, the core team of any DAO or social token can engage their community through our end to end DApp.

How much does it cost to launch a custom CommunityOS instance?

Currently we are in a Beta phase with a select group of DAOs and social tokens. Overtime we'll release more information about how to spin up a custom instance for your DAO.

What is the Socialstack Impact Collective?

We provide token issuance service and a supportive community for impact organizations and impact-driven brands looking to tokenize their community

How do I join the Socialstack Impact Collective?

Anyone interested in launching a social token with us must align with one of the Socialstack Impact Pillars. We take 3% fee in the form of your token supply, we do not charge a fee in dollars for creating social tokens.

What can I do with my social token?

Once your token is launched on the platform, we provide you with our official Socialstack social token community building guide that will walk you through the wide range of open social tools that exists for you to add utility and functionality to your token.

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Impact Collective
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