Socialstack Product Roadmap

Socialstack noncustodial wallet roadmap

Our goal in building the Socialstack noncustodial wallet is to provide a simple, email-based web wallet for anyone new to cryptocurrency to create an account and start earning social tokens. This wallet will always be free to use, noncustodial, and maintained by the Socialstack team. This noncustodial wallet was built by our team of developers alongside our technology partner Ambisafe, one of the most trusted development teams in the blockchain space.

Current wallet features

  • Social token issuance on the open Ethereum or Celo blockchain
  • Web-based noncustodial Ethereum wallet with email login and password recovery
  • Full compatibility with Ethereum and Celo VM and wallets (Metamask)
  • Mission-driven NFT collectibles fundraising platform(for 1 time charity raises and special events)

2 month feature timeline

  • List Celo tokens in noncustodial wallet
  • Use Celo for internal transfers to make sending Celo or Ethereum from one Socialstack wallet to another completely free
  • Socialstack wallet UI improvements

Announcing Social House — An open source DApp built on Zora’s Auction House

Our team is beginning the development of our first open source tool called Social House, a DApp on the Zora Auction house protocol. This will enable any creator or community to easily run and manage custom NFT auctions in their native social token. Socialstack will build additional features for running engaging auctions. Social House will be permission-less and public while maintaining 0% protocol fees. We’re seeking active collaborators who want to join our mission of building a completely open source social token future.

Socialstack community roadmap

Socialstack is open for everyone and anyone to apply to. Our commitment to inclusive social token economies means the Socialstack team will put it’s resources and efforts towards recruiting historically marginalized creators and communities in emerging economies. Our initial focus will be on Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. We’re on-boarding our initial community of creators at, apply to join here!

We’re also actively building a community of creators, change-makers, and open source advocates on the Socialstack Discord. Come join us!