About us

We're creating a community of Impact DAOs, while building open source tools enabling any DAO to engage deep with their community

our Values

Enabling gratitude driven economies

Social tokens should not create a world where people are traded like a stock. Social-driven economies  should be founded upon gratitude, appreciation and the cocreation of a brighter society, together.
Open source infrastructure
Every tool that we contribute to the social token world is open source
A giving
Social tokens are a tool for expressing gratitude back and forth between people
Build for carbon negativity
Our Ethereum<>Celo bridge enables us to provide carbon negative rails to power social token economies.

Our 2021 roadmap

March 2021
Build Socialstack Launchpad to issue tokens on Ethereum and Celo
April 2021
Launch noncustodial Ethereum-based wallet with email accounts
July 2021
List Celo tokens in wallet and make carbon negative with free transfers
October 2021
Launch CommunityOS
December 2021
25 Socialstack Impact Collective Members

The Socialstack Impact
Collective is global & growing

Our Team

Andrew Berkowitz 🇺🇸
Chief Executive Officer
Kristina Tauchmannova 🇸🇰
Chief Operations Officer
Osinachi 🇳🇬
Chief Creative Officer
Olumide Akinwande 🇳🇬
Solidity Developer
Justin Markell 🇺🇸
Head of Partnershjps
David Casey
Andrii Zamovsky
Annie Phillips
Ted Moskovitz
Matt Mckibbin
Ofir Avigad
John Paller
Opolis / ETH Denver
Tomer Bariach
Good Dollar
Alan Laubsch
Adrianna Mendez
Aubrey Hruby
Simon Schwerin
Daniel Dabek
Matthew Eisner
Christian Nunez
Halsey Huth
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