Turn passive followers into an active community

Carbon friendly blockchain tools to build mission-driven social token economies

A platform for creators, brands, & communities to launch mission-driven social tokens


Issue your social token with confidence on Ethereum or Celo


A carbon negative, noncustodial social token wallet


A suite of open source tools to power your social economy

The Socialstack Wallet

All the advantages of noncustodial storage with the convenience of an email-based account.

Send &receive ETH and Celo social tokens
The first carbon negative social token wallet
Noncustodial storage with password reset

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Socialstack is built in partnership with Ambisafe, the world’s most advanced and secure token issuance platform.

How we define mission-driven

Advance a positive impact on the planet
Support regenerative movements
Incentivize trash, litter, & waste cleanup
Uplift communities in emerging economies
Onboard African & indigenous creators
Focus on low or lower-middle income countries
Advance meaningful charitable causes
Help advance the front line of charities and nonprofits
Allocate minimum of 12.5% of Treasury inflow to charity
Meet our communities

Kapawi Ecolodge

“ A pioneering experiment in the creation of a social-driven token backed by indigenous-owned ecotourism assets.

The Colors

The Colors is a platform unleashing the value of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in Fashion and Beauty.
Meet our creators

African Tech Roundup

“ Proof of Play (PoP) on the Celo blockchain: Listeners mine $ATRU into their Celo wallet each time they listen to an African Tech Roundup podcast episode.

Our blog

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter.
What can I use Socialstack for?

With Socialstack, anyone can issue a social-based token on Ethereum or Celo and organize a community around an important mission.

Are their fees to use the Socialstack wallet?

We charge a small network fee to mitigate the continuous withdrawal of single digit units of social money on the platform. Over time as gas prices are reduced, Socialstack will make our wallet 0 fee.

Do I have to pay to create my social token?

We take 3% fee in the form of your token supply, we do not charge a fee in dollars for creating social tokens. This aligns incentives between Socialstack and creators on the platform.

How do I manage my social tokens?

For crypto native creators we recommend setting up a Gnosis Safe, implementing multi-sig, and using Parcel (https://parcel.money). For crypto novice creators we recommend storing your tokens on your Socialstack wallet and sending/receiving tokens from there.

How does Socialstack detemine if something is mission-driven?

We have an ever evolving framework of how we determine if something is mission-driven or not. Currently our 3 pillars consist of 1. Advance a positive impact on the planet 2. Uplift communities in emerging economies 3. Advance meaningful charitable causes.

What can I do with my social token?

Once your token is launched on the platform, we provide you with our official Socialstack social token community building guide that will walk you through the wide range of open social tools that exists for you to add utility and functionality to your token.