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open blockchain
token storefront rewards
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free transactions
carbon negative
open blockchain
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free transactions
carbon negative
open blockchain
easy to use
token earning & redeeming
free transactions
carbon negative
open blockchain
easy to use
easy to use
token earning & redeeming

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What is a Social Token?
A social token is a cryptocurrency based on a brand, community or creator. Web3 is decentralized, co-creative and based on ownership, where tokens align participants toward a common goal. Unlike non-fungible tokens (NFTs), these are identical, like a dollar. The utility is what’s important.

With 4 billion blockchain users expected by 2030, the majority will enter through social communities – by earning, not investing.
Our approach is to make Web3 work for all
& EARN Tokens

A community DAO launching African history & cultural assets in Web3
[ Earn $AFTR ]
Blue Tiki
A climate positive social token issued by Starboard and SOMWR

[ Earn $BTIKI ]
Project Zero

Become a Project Zero Climate Champion

[ Earn $PZERO ]
Where Culture, Community and Impact Collide
Socialstack  Culture  Collective  is  a  curated  ecosystem  of  culture creators,  innovative  organizations  and  change  makers  using Web3  to push  forward  their  mission  and  make  a  difference with their token.

Access opportunities and resources, and leverage the collective’s network effect. Get support in building your community and join a collaborative that gives a damn.
Powered by
CommunityOS is the easiest way to manage a tokenized community. Use your token to gamify community action through a simple dashboard. Users can  login with email or Web3 wallet, so non-crypto native and crypto native members can easily engage.
Delegate tasks for
earning your tokens
Generate QR codes
to prompt earning
Create stores to list
products or
NFTs to redeem
Free carbon negative
& non-custodial wallet
with key recovery
Activate referrals for earning
Allow member anonymity
or input social profile
Launch on CommunityOS
Case Studies

Osinachi, Africa's foremost crypto artist, rewarded collectors and art viewers with his $OSINA token, as part of the first ever social token experience at Christie's, the famed auction house.
Kapawi Ecolodge

Kapawi introduced the Maketai Coin during COVID-19 to encourage bookings. Its token incentive generated $225,000 in bookings and created a model for developing a stable medium of exchange on the blockchain.

$AFTR token represents a community DAO dedicated to unlocking Africa's historical & cultural assets for good through NFTs. A total 34.25 ETH has been generated, that's being used to uplift creators on the continent.
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I use Socialstack for?

With Socialstack, the core team of any DAO or social token can engage their community through our end to end DApp.

How much does it cost to launch a custom CommunityOS instance?

Currently we are in a Beta phase with a select group of DAOs and social tokens. Overtime we'll release more information about how to spin up a custom instance for your DAO.

What is the Socialstack Culture Collective?

We provide token issuance service and a supportive community for impact organizations and impact-driven brands looking to tokenize their community

How do I join the Socialstack Culture Collective?

Anyone interested in launching a social token with us must align with one of the Socialstack Impact Pillars. We take 3% fee in the form of your token supply, we do not charge a fee in dollars for creating social tokens.

What can I do with my social token?

Once your token is launched on the platform, we provide you with our official Socialstack social token community building guide that will walk you through the wide range of open social tools that exists for you to add utility and functionality to your token.